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Something that is REALLY important to remember

Transgender Dysphoria Blues is generally about being trans, but it is specifically about being a trans woman. 

DFAB trans folks can identify with it to one degree, and its great and important that we can do that, BUT we do not get to claim these stories as our own. The experiences and stories and dangers that this album wants to address are coming from a trans woman, and are first and foremost the stories of DMAB trans people. 

We don’t get to co-opt those stories wholesale. We either recognize the massive power differential within our community and work to alleviate it or we contribute to it. I know which one I want to do.

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OUTNEWS: Sweden ends sterilisation of transgender patients





Sweden will no longer sterilise transgendered patients after a law banning the practice entered into force on Thursday, but many who have already undergone a sex change are now seeking damages from the state. The Stockholm administrative court of appeal recently ruled that the practice of forced sterilisations, which dated back to a 1972 law on sexual identity, was unconstitutional and in violation of the European Convention on Human Rights.

In its December 19th decision, the court said the law did not respect civil liberties as guaranteed by the constitution, and was discriminatory since it solely targeted transgender people. The law stated that a person who wanted to change sex legally must be infertile. In practice, this lead to transgendered patients being sterilised, as they had to go through with the entire process including gender reassignment surgery in order to have their ID documents changed.

Some Swedes chose to wait to change sex legally in order to have their own biological children. LGBT rights organisation All Out hand delivered 80,000 protest signatures to the Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt in January 2012, the Global Post reports.

The new ban on the practice entered into force on Thursday after an appeal period ended, judge Helen Lidö said. The government had planned on removing the sterilisation requirement on July 1st, 2013 but the ruling sets legal precedent from now on.

i hope they get sued to high hell.

What this article doesn’t mention is they weren’t allowed to keep any frozen sperm or ova either.

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Don’t Paraphrase My Penis: Calling My Surgery What It Is To Me

The Surgery. With these two words it’s assumed I mean SRS, GRS, or GCS; respectively Sexual Reassignment Surgery, Gender Reassignment Surgery, and Gender Confirmation Surgery. There are more names but these are currently the most common.  They seem pretty darn specific; I mean you know exactly which surgical procedure I am referencing with those big words all strung together, right? No? The fact is these ubiquitous acronyms apply to at least two, and as many as six or more, types of surgery. They also in no way distinguish between assumed male or female people which is an ironic bit of unintended gender neutrality considering their use, but anyway.

These terms are vague in two main ways; they do not specify what exact surgical procedure they reference, or what they are changing at all.  They claim to reassign Sexual stuff or confirm Gender thingies. Since a person’s sex is not something that can always be isolated to a single biological tag or design, and gender is a socially and mentally created tautology I am in serious doubt that these can be operated on with any degree of accuracy. Reading up on the various procedures, I know that none of them involve me being knocked out with anesthesia so a surgeon can then confirm or reassign my philosophical outlook on sex or gender. Leastways not in any of the handy pamphlets the docs have sent me. They are very colorful and show people smiling and playing tennis. I suck at tennis so I am excited about that part though.

My friend wrote this :D

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Fun With Google News


Number of news stories about the murder of local activist and performer Kyra Kruz in the twelve days since her death: 6, mostly from out-of-state

Number of news stories about Thursday night’s candlelight vigil, where several hundred people walked through the streets of Philadelphia to commemorate her loss: 0

Number of news stories in the first three hours after a trolley driver was injured by someone who may be a trans woman, or may be a crossdresser, or may be something else except the media can’t make up their mind, but, well, they’re all pretty sure she uses male pronouns anyway and what’s important is that she’s trans trans trans: 9, all local

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it's he.
*condescending smile* well, on your birth certificate--
yeah, it also says ' 8lbs, 6 oz '-- a lot has changed over the years

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{Content: cissexism, binarism}


I find it kind of sickening whenever I see someone, ESPECIALLY ANOTHER TRANS PERSON, express a view like YOU AREN’T TRANS UNLESS YOU EXPERIENCE BODY DYSPHORIA! or YOU’RE NOT TRANS UNLESS YOU WANT HORMONES AND SURGERY! Especially when it’s used to defend a statement like “Nonbinary genders aren’t real!”

Pro tip: If you want to have that shitty opinion, don’t tag your shit where other trans & nonbinary people will see it. Oh, and fuck you very much.

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Doing It Again Halfway There!



Yes, Doing It Again: In Depth, Tobi Hill-Meyer’s new documentary project on the sex lives of trans* women, trans* feminine people, and trans* females (which I wrote about the other day here) is halfway there on its funding.  So, it’s looking more likely that it’s going to happen.  But it can’t definitely happen unless it gets all the way.

Now, you might wonder why I’m being such a cheerleader for this.  I think it’s obvious but it might not be to the rest of you.  Trans* women, trans* feminine people, and trans* females, are seen as sexually pathetic, sexual freaks, abject objects of sexual disgust.  Yet, even so, they are just as sexual as anyone else.  So you understandably end up with a number of depressed, lonely people.  Yet there are even more people out there successfully hooking up, creating and maintaining sexual relationships.  But that’s often after having first gone through the depressed and lonely stage, believing that it would always be that way.  So getting the information out there that it doesn’t always have to be that way is vital for the health and well-being of trans* people.

Additionally, this can help counter the transmisogynist, femmephobic, transphobic lies about the sexuality of trans* women, trans* feminine people, and trans* females.  It can educate both trans* and cis people.  I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the main imagery of the sexuality of these people being either fetish porn for homophobic cis men or the lies about rapetastic ‘men in dresses’ coming for (cis) women and children.  A documentary showing the realities can help counter those images.

Finally, having people’s realities, people not playing characters, of sexuality is both hot and healthy.  In the US, sex negativity is everywhere, including among trans* people ourselves.  Helping combat that is something I am only too happy to help.

So, I hope this is something that will help happen as well.  Pledge to contribute money here if you can or spread the word.

Ohhhh, we’re halfway there!

Here’s the Kickstarter video:

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What it’s like


I get asked a lot what it’s like to be a trans woman. Sometimes it’s worded in sort of a dismissive manner, e.g., “How do you know you’re a woman?” Other times, it really is an honest question. There are a lot of cis folks who just genuinely want to understand what it’s like.

I think Lisa Harney already did a pretty good job of getting to the real core of the matter, which is that it hurts to have the wrong body and to be socialized into the wrong role. But, if y’all don’t mind, I’d like to explore this a bit more.

(Note here that I’m talking specifically about being a trans woman, because that’s what I have the most experience with. I don’t mean to erase anyone; quite the contrary, I want to make sure that I’m not speaking for/over trans* folks with different experiences than me.)

Being a trans woman means waking up to the horrifying realization that you have to spend another day in this completely wrong, ill-fitting body. It means being reminded, as you live and move throughout the day, of all the ways in which it fails to match the map in your brain.

Being a trans woman means that people will try to place their own meanings onto your body, onto you. It means constantly having to fight to define your own self and your own body, and fighting off all who would try to do it for you.

Being a trans woman means being a target of misogyny, and yet being systematically denied most of the resources available to women to deal with that. It means being treated with suspicion (at best!) by women who ostensibly care about gender liberation. It means having your needs ignored, dismissed and postponed by queer groups who purport to fight for you.

Being a trans woman means having your every act, every word, every vocal inflection, relentlessly analyzed and then declared either “too feminine” or “not feminine enough”. It means people will try to invalidate your very selfhood on this basis.

Being a trans woman means being expected to justify your womanhood to random people whom you’ve never met before and whom you’ll never see again.

Being a trans woman means being taught, almost from birth, to doubt your own reality. It means learning to “go along” with people’s misconceptions because sometimes it’s the only way to stay safe. It means having to swim against the tide of all kinds of legal, social, and (pseudo)scientific notions of gender that harm us all.

Being a trans woman means that, even though not only the entire world but your own body is against you, you choose to be who you are anyway. Because there’s no other choice you can live with.

This is my experience, anyway. And like I’ve said, I’m one of the lucky ones. I’m white; I’m (sort of) able to work; I have a place to stay; I have a reasonably decent support system. I can’t begin to imagine how much more difficult it must be to be a less privileged trans woman than me. I admire the fuck out of all those women, and I want to support them in any way I can.

I hope that you, too, will support all trans women (but especially those less privileged, especially TWoC) as they fight to be themselves.

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Why “Transgender” is Better Than “Transgendered”



It’s largely linguistic in reasoning!

The -ed removes agency and passivizes the modified subject.  That morpheme suggests that the subject is operated upon, transgender-ed, by something (presumably society), and is thus altered from an original (“normal” - cisgender) state.
As evidence: there is a fairly common faulty back-formation, the verb “to transgender,” from “to be transgendered.”  This is sometimes used to mean “to transition,” which is a mistaken meaning of what transgender means anyway.

This phrasing basically posits nurture over nature (regardless of the individual’s personal feelings on their identity’s source), suggests being transgender is a result of brainwashing/group-think or faulty raising or some sort of change, and leads to a pathologizing and “cure”-based approach.

Of course any individual may prefer transgendered to transgender!  I have heard some folks speak up and say that they do indeed feel society made them this way.  Completely valid.
But as a universal application, it is far less neutral and leaves trans folks less room to position themselves, and honestly gives people the wrong overall impression and gives media pundits a subtle way to continue painting trans people as passive victims and objects.

It may not be a big issue, but it definitely does influence how people think, however subtly.  Language is tricky that way!

A few of you sent me this link — thank you! Googling “transgender versus transgendered” didn’t bring it up. I knew it was “transgender” but I couldn’t figure out how to explain it. Many thanks to all the folks who helped me out :)

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Transgender Related Books for Kids


We’ve previously written about explaining transition to younger kids, but there’s absolutely nothing better than a book to do the trick. The Adventures of Tulip, Birthday Fairy and Backwards Day are two great children’s books by S. Bear Bergman that explain what being transgender feels like in a very simple, child-friendly way. These would be appropriate for a wide variety of age groups and excellent to affirm to identities of transgender children, explain gender issues to children with trans* parents or family members, or simply educate kids about gender differences. 

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Fierce…Flawless…: radscumblr: Fierce…Flawless…: radscumblr: life spirit.: Radical…


Fierce…Flawless…: radscumblr: life spirit.: Radical feminism and biological…


life spirit.: Radical feminism and biological determinism






I don’t get…


Gender IDENTITY is different from gender ROLES.

I’ll say that again, in case you weren’t listening: GENDER IDENTITY IS DIFFERENT THAN GENDER ROLES.

Gender roles are social constructs that vary from culture to culture over time. Gender identity is something you find across human cultures. The ways of expressing it vary, who gets categorized where vary, but the concept of gender identity is there regardless. For your edification, that’s why gender identity fits the academic standards as an inherent human quality, as opposed to gender ROLES, which shift according to culture and the mores of the time.

You are the one mixing them up, so check yourself and your facts before suggesting that someone else is “failing” to logic.If you can’t distinguish between the two, that is your failing, not the trans* community’s.

You can’t or won’t acknowledge that you are creating a straw trans* person for all of your hateful, and fucking deadly arguments. Because I have yet to see a single trans* person in these discussions arguing for any kind of reified gender roles. (And maybe could we derail for a minute to show how trans* people in the US were forced to fit specific gender roles in order to receive treatment almost directly because of Janice Raymond? radical feminists created this situation for trans* people and now you want to point to it as if it proves something? LOGIC FAIL.)

Intersex people (Intersex is not a noun, stop being an asshole) are relevant because they blow your bullshit biological essentialism all to hell. Their existence and you refusal to acknowledge that they are people really shows exactly what kind of bigoted, low information person you are.

You can’t say that the only real thing in this conversation is biological sex and then act like there isn’t a huge variation in human sex and human secondary sexual characteristic without your actions shredding your argument. Those categories are not black and white, one or the other, even for non-intersex people.

You trying to erase them from relevance in this conversation is like a creationist trying to ignore the fossil record while arguing that evolution is fake.

If your theory does not adequately explain reality, the flaw is in your theory, not reality.

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Considering that he thought that trans women were “fools,” Harry Benjamin is NO hero.

Even the people we’ve managed to browbeat into doing ANYTHING for us have always been dead-set against us existing.

And just imagine. Janice Raymond’s recommendations for how trans* folk should be given medical treatment makes Benjamin look almost Christ-like.

Its enough to make you puke.

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