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What I always enjoyed about Morticia and Gomez was how they made no secret that they passionately loved each other. We get so used to seeing depictions (on television especially) of married couples in continual states of contention—belittling one another, falling into the wife/mother-husband/child trope, and generally disrespecting each other, which made me wonder why they even bothered marrying in the first place.

But Gomez and Morticia never lose their desire and respect for each other. Is it because they’re “weird” that it’s acceptable to depict married life so positively? Or are they “strange” because, after three children and a lifetime together, they still adore each other? I know no marriage is perfect, but wouldn’t it be nice if the media portrayed marriage as more than a continuous state of exasperation and anger? Maybe that’s why romance novelists and romance novel readers are so embattled: because we dare to believe in love. 

“How long has it been since we waltzed?”


this is my feel good movie whenever i’m sad, lonely, homesick or just out of fucks. i grew up watching this movie as a kid and i always wanted to be part of this family. so now that i’m a grown up, i have this family. not the kids part, but that’s just fine. oh, also, gomez is one of my fashion inspirations. and wendsday is my secret sister.


I mean, I can’t really speak to how ~revolutionary the creator of the Addams Family was, but I do know that a big driving force behind the original comic strip and later show was kind of a tongue-in-cheek take on 50s/60s domesticity.

I don’t know that it was meant to be quite as pointed as it winds up being in retrospect, and certainly the TV series (all two or three of them) and the movies (even when they were produced by ABCFamily) I don’t think meant to make it a serious point, but nonetheless it is a distinctive and noteworthy counterpoint to their contemporaries’ depictions of domesticity.

However, and this is a big thing to keep in mind, Gomez was meant to be a Spaniard, well, Castilian to be specific. So there’s also that to keep in mind.

I mean, the character evolved from a series of cartoons in the New Yorker, the characters were unnamed, but all these attributes were added as part of the canon of the live-action series. Which makes it interesting that these nameless, quirky characters would be turned into these cosmopolitan, continental European (less so in the beginning, but gradually more so over time), romantics.

None of that is to detract from the reality that they’re one of few visible romantically engaged….well…romantic couples. Like, the way they behave, they seem far more like they’re newlyweds, or courting, but inasmuch as it’s explicitly given, we can presume they’ve been married (by the time all the stories take place) for at least 13/14 years, and that doesn’t take into account the possibility that they spent a good portion of their relationship without children.

All that is to say, I love the romance of these two, especially the chemistry between Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston, but there’s probably a lot of really interesting reasons why they are as romantic as they are.

Sorry for getting all serious and all.

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