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well, since we ARE talking about hugo and since that article/topic of Why Misogynists Make Great Informants: How Gender Violence on the Left Enables State Violence in Radical Movements just came up i guess it would be a good time to make this post…..

i came across this exchange b/c i follow Ali Abdunimah on twitter (As far as i know know no one else has commented on it), who is, to quite wiki, a “Palestinian American journalist and co-founder of Electronic Intifada, a not-for-profit, independent online publication about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.” and i’m by no means an expert in this area so there may be some problematic things about him as well that i’m unaware of but as far as i know he’s kind of the shit.

now remember waaaaay back in 2011 when the Freedom Flotilla 2 was sailing from greece to Gaza in an attempt to break the blockade and had a few random people on board like oh Alice Walker and Jody Williams and Mairead Maguire and Shirin Ebadi, you know, women who haved one that whole fighting for the rights of marginalized women *thing* (what might you call it? femi…..feminiz…..) for significant portions of their lives? remember that? and this was after a similar attempt in 2010 resulted in the murder of nine activists by the IDF.

now there’s this asswipe guy named Joshua Travino who used to be a speechwriter for bush jr who has himself a twitter and when the flotilla was on it’s way he tweeted: “Dear IDF: If you end up shooting any Americans on the new Gaza flotilla – well, most Americans are cool with that. Including me.” 

when called out for endorsing the killing of americans overseas, he stuck to his guns like superglue, saying: “Sure, if they adhere to our enemies. Flotilla participants do.” he also compared the flotilla to a “nazi convoy.”

a real fucking charmer.

then, AFTER this goes down, The Guardian decides to hire Travino as a correspondent for US politics. which makes about as much sense as hugo being a feminist writer makes a lot of people go “FUCK that shit” and a campaign starts for the Guardian to fire Travino, and Abdunimah is one of the leading voices (read that link if you want the full story).

so amidst all these calls for the guardian to get a fucking grip and at least act like they had journalistic integrity just act, mr. lone voice of reason in the era of callout internet culture decides to pipe up and………you guessed it, defend Travino. the guy who is not only ok with israel’s brutal oppression of Gaza BUT IS ALSO OKAY WITH KILLING PEOPLE, SPECIFICALLY WOMEN, WHO WOULD DARE OPPOSE IT, EVEN IF IT’S THROUGH “NON-VIOLENT” MEANS (scare quotes around “non-violent” b/c i mean many of us are inherently implicated in violence around the world even if we’re not personally beating people or something in our neighborhoods but all Walker and co. had with them ont he boat was medicine and books, just some fucking medicine and books and he thinks they should be killed for that)…..THIS IS THE GUY HUGO IS STANDING BEHIND. BECAUSE ISRAEL’S SELF DEFENSE FROM SOME FUCKING BOOKS. BECAUSE ONLINE TAKEDOWN CULTURE IS JUST SOOOOO BAD BUT NOT WORSE THAN CALLING FOR WOMEN TO DIE BECAUSE THEY DON’T AGREE WITH YOU.


i mean a feminist who is okay with a man calling for the death of women WHO ARE ALSSO FEMINISTS because they think oppression is unjust IS NOT A FEMINIST.

i guess unless he protected you from those scary black women that one time who were mad at you for putting racist imagery in your book. or telling the brown woman who called you out for stealing her work “you’d better prove it.”

tl:dr; hugo is only still a factor because white f*eminists are horrible people. and as long as they are the one’s who got a target on their backs they cool.

and Abdunimah works his BS detector real quick and it’r real interesting to see who hugo feels the need to vaguely label as a threat and who he just kinda slinks away from (as far as i can tell he never responded after Abdunimah brought up him being The Worst).

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On Radical Feminist Bathrooms


When radical feminists insist that women’s bathrooms should be exclusively for “biological females”, they invariably fail to actually explain how the hell this is supposed to work.

As a purely political term coined by radical feminists, “biological female” is both scientifically and legally meaningless — even radical feminists themselves argue incessantly about which biological features define “biological femaleness”. And then what? Are feminists going to station a nurse with a blood sampling kit at the door of every women’s bathroom, or are they simply going to endorse the ongoing practice of attacking any person who is suspected of being a trans woman based solely on appearance?

For those who say that intersex women are ok but not trans women, which intersex conditions are allowed, what kind of medical documentation is required, and who is allowed to demand papers? For those who insist that trans men should be allowed to use women’s bathrooms, how exactly are trans men to be distinguished from cis men? How precisely do radical feminists propose that the law enforce legal sex/gender segregation by means other than legal sex/gender, especially considering the status quo is that men’s and women’s bathrooms are a social convention without formal standing in the law?

Keep in mind that gender policing against trans women has repeatedly proven itself to also target cis women who are not conventionally feminine, especially (but not exclusively) butch lesbians. Do radical feminists who support policing have any answers there, or are “unfeminine” women acceptable collateral damage in the holy crusade to purge the bathrooms of trans women?

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Feminism, Trans-Misogyny, and the Echo Chamber


The “echo chamber effect” is a process by which trans-misogynist “feminists” perpetuate misinformation about trans women. Like-minded trans-misogynist “feminists” then repeat this misinformation, which is then spread to more self-identified “feminists.” This misinformation is further exaggerated and distorted as it saturates the feminist community until most feminists simply assume the information is true.

The echo chamber is reinforced by the exclusion of trans women from feminist communities. Given the lack of trans women’s presence within feminist communities, cis feminists are free to reproduce falsehoods and stereotypes that would otherwise be challenged by actual interactions with trans women. When no one in the community is a trans woman, it is hard to refute what everyone who is not a trans woman has come to take for granted. Within the echo chamber, false beliefs about trans woman become the community consensus.

Even those who don’t fully agree with the most extreme lies about trans women will tend to accept more moderate versions of misinformation, leading to a position of saying they “sympathize with where others are coming from” because they still believe some version of the lie. Communities members don’t have to agree 100% in order to uphold the overall community consensus. Just believing that there is some truth, however small, to the lies helps them justify their complicity in the supporting the echo chamber.

The community consensus also leads to pseudo-allies. These are people who claim to be “allies” to trans women, but won’t do anything that might offend the prejudices of members of the community. These are the people who end up trying to play “both sides.” They may agree with some version of the lie, but even if they don’t, they still go along with it. This is because they’re more concerned about what the trans-misogynist members within the echo chamber think than with actually being authentic allies to trans women. They will often attempt to play “peacemakers” by acting as an apologist for the echo chamber at the expense of trans women.

The self-contained processes of the echo chamber itself allows challenges to be neutralized by becoming self-referential. Rather than talk about the real issues and facts that will challenge the circulating misinformation, doubt can be placed on those facts by referring to the existing “controversy” or “debate” that gives preferential treatment to the misinformation of the echo chamber. Each time the “controversy” is referenced to it allows misinformation to be perpetuated. The “debate” becomes a self-sustaining process that supports the echo chamber effect.

For instance, debating the womanhood or even the existence of trans women ensures that the womanhood and existence of trans women is always seen as debatable. As long as trans women are seen as a subject of debate they’ll be viewed with skepticism. And this supports the echo chamber that has setup the cis people within it as the true authorities on trans women.

So how do we break the echo chamber’s negative feedback loop?

Dismantling the trans-misogynist echo chamber is not going to be easy, but it is something that must be done. Pressure, both from within and outside, needs to be put on feminist communities to take affirmative steps to support trans women and their voices. To support trans women, people in feminist communities can:

  • Recognize that trans women are the ultimate authorities on their own lives and experiences of oppression.
  • Actively seek out the input, feedback and criticism of trans women.
  • Question and think critically about all information about trans women that doesn’t come from trans women themselves.
  • Interrogate and challenge the trans-misogynist consensus.
  • Stop being complicit with trans misogyny.
  • Take action whenever and wherever you encounter trans-misogyny.
  • Establish a process of being accountable to trans women and the oppression they experience.
  • Evaluate and address how feminist communities are structured around cissexism and the marginalization of trans women.
  • Check one’s cis privilege.
  • Make sure the voices and leadership of trans women are respected.
  • Recognize that trans women are a diverse group and experience a variety of privileges and oppressions.
  • Follow the lead of trans women on all things concerning trans women.

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head. This is by no means a comprehensive list. Hopefully more people will add their own ideas to this list.

On a final note, while the above list relies heavily on the authority of trans women’s self-knowledge, self-awareness and lived experience, I want to warn against the tendency of trans-misogynists to treat some trans women as tokens who can be exploited by the echo chamber. One of the things the trans-misogynist echo chamber is notorious for is cherry picking the words of individual trans women and then twisting their words to support the lie and stereotypes that are then applied to all trans women as a group.

So it’s important to recognize that some trans women have internalized cissexism and have yet not unlearned the lies that they’re inferior cis women. The echo chamber will persist if feminist communities continue to exploit the internalized oppression of some trans women or twist the words of others in order attack trans women as a whole. Regardless, it is not the place of those who aren’t trans women to tell trans women which trans women represents them or have their interests in mind. That is something for trans women to determine for themselves.

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So here’s another obligatory post, explaining why Cathy Brennan is racist.


So, to start this post off, I am going to give a small history lesson. I will disclaimer that I am talking as a Native American individual, and I cannot speak for Black/African Diasporic people or of people from other continents outside of North and South America. However, while what I am saying is clearly not universal, but there are threads of similarity in regards to trans*

America is not without it’s own Eugenic history. In fact, it started prior to even Nazi Germany implementing anything. Like Nazi Germany, America initially focused on people with disabilities. Then, by in large, the eugenic procedures of sterilization, and even non-eugenic procedures such as human experimentation, were used against people of color. In reading material one,

Here are some reading materials: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six

In reading material one, I want to emphasize one paragraph:

It is not very comforting to African-Americans since that the very agencies assigned with protecting their health are guilt of human experimentation. - Paragraph 3

So we can see here, that, science has in fact played a large factor in the colonization of all People of Color, but specifically here in Americas very much so. Cathy Brennan claims that she uses science, common sense, and “known fact” in her defense that female = vagina and male = penis. She believes gender is a socialization, therefore science is the answer to respond against socialization.

Here’s the thing, though, that Cathy Brennan and many of her followers seem to forget. What we, people of color who are Black or American Indian, had that Western society could in fact call “our sciences”, included the concept of there being a gender and/or sex that was not male or female (using Cathy Brennan’s terminology). In fact, evidence found all over theworld showed that many peoples had this idea. It wasn’t until the introduction of Christianity, colonization, and Eugenic Science [see: science practiced by Europe/England and later America], that this shift away from it changed.

I think Cathy Brennan and I can agree that colonization harmed communities of Color. What she fails to see or respond to is the fact that her precious science, the very thing she basis her theory and claims off of, was also used in conjunction of colonization to harm and discredit us. In fact, the idea that we had homosexuality, two-spirit peoples, etc. was used to justify the cause of assimilation or killing because we were savage.

Her and her followers counter-claim to my accusation of racism is the fact that I use Western/Euro-centric words such as transgender, etc.

Well, let me paint a picture for you.

If your people were so pushed down, wiped from records, forced to be on records, those records could be manipulated by White individuals, your people had to follow the mold of what a Good White Citizen would be [Christian, capitalist, boot-straps], your languages forgotten and purposefully attacked to try and get it off the planet, moved from your principal lands, had a mythical border between you and other people of your tribe [Mexican-US border] what resources would be left for you?

I do not like the fact that I have to rely on White, Western, Euro-centric words to describe my experience. In fact, insulting me for the fact that I have to use it, is also racist. You are rubbing salt in the wound that is colonization, and it’s deep, and I am actively trying to resist it and counter the colonist endeavors against me.

So here’s the thing, Cathy. You claim that you are using science, but you are also using a tool that was used against my people, and other People of Color. While yes, you are largely targeting White and mixed trans* women, you are doing so to try and avoid the reality that you are using racist methodology. If you appear to only be attacking white trans* women, or white looking trans* people, therefore you cannot be called racist [so you think].

But it’s really not quite that simple, Cathy. Just because you have a few people of color on your side, doesn’t make you right. In fact, I don’t care about if they agree with you or not. I do think, deep down, they need some prayer because they are following you, a White middle class woman. But I respect that they have an inherit choice in wither they should or shouldn’t believe radical feminism is for them. And it’s hard to make a true choice when your socialization, as a person of color, tells you that you are supposed to be just like the White Man, or in this case, the White Woman.

I too have the choice to believe or not believe in tradition or Modern Western values. I clearly don’t choose the latter. However, you do not get to choose to say that I am wrong, because what you are inherintly doing is again colonizing people.

Cathy Brennan, you are a colonizer, but you will never admit it. You employ typical White Ally problems; I have such and such Black friend, I voted for this such and such cause, You don’t know your own people, etc.

So here and now I have cleanly outlined what is problematic, and it is your responsibility to decide if you can actually formulate an argument that does not employ racist tactics. It’s your move, Cathy.


Moon on Waters

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*trigger warning: rape discussion* Just saw a post where feminists said they wouldn’t fund a Brian Banks documentary because “it’s problematic to perpetuate that rape victims might be lying.”


Um, so let’s break this down.

  • Mainstream feminism purports that the victim is always to be believed. That’s fine.
  • Mainstream feminism is mad white washed. That’s not fine.
  • The criminal justice system discriminates against PoC. That’s not fine.
  • Therefore, the real-world implications of “always believe the victim” are only inserted into our courtrooms as “always believe the victim, as long as the victim is white.” That’s really not fine.
  • This “always believe the victim” business ended up getting Brian Banks sent to prison for five years, along with countless other black and brown men throughout the years. That’s not fine.
  • And you’re telling me that it’s wrong for Brian Banks to want to tell his story because you’re afraid it might disrupt the pretty little dichotomy you have set up here, the same dichotomy that got Brian Banks sent to jail in the first place? That’s not fine.

I will always believe the victim because I believe we have no other choice when it comes down to it, but in the face of how the court chooses to spin “support the victim,” I’m really getting weirded out at how many feminists on my dash right now are basically saying that the centuries old tradition of white women pointing to a black man and watching as their white men lynch him is somehow worth protecting.

I support the victim, but I can’t support that dichotomy anymore.


If your feminist analysis steam rolls right the fuck over the complexity of oppression in this country (like the history of false rape accusations from white women being used to justify lynching black men, or hell, even just acknowledging the impact that racism has on which cases make it into the justice system and which ones do not) then your feminist analysis has not only failed, but has become a tool to uphold white supremacy.

And if you follow me and are okay with that, you might just want to go elsewhere.

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Choosing queerness

I think I need to clarify some of my thoughts on what I find wrong with “political lesbianism” while talking about choices.

Basically, I don’t care if someone chose to be queer or not. Choosing it does not make it illegitimate and appealing to “nature” as a reason why orientation is legitimate creates another hierarchy of identity. It allows us to police who is “truly” queer and who is not based on certain narratives of self-discovery and self-knowledge, and in the end enforces a normative story of how queer identity must function. It also ignore the potential for ways of expressing sexuality that fall outside of even the dominant paradigm that creates categories of straight and queer in the first place. These categories are the products of specific cultural contexts and power dynamics. They are not universal. I don’t care if you chose to be queer or if you feel that it is a natural part of your being. As long as you are not hurting anyone else or using your choices to attack others within the community, you do whatever you like with your body.

No, the choice itself is not the problem that I have with political lesbianism.

The problem I have with political lesbianism is that it is framed in a coercive way, making the choices of the people participating in its community a policing yardstick for determining someones dedication to certain limited “radical” ideals. Its policing the sexual choices of a marginalized group and insisting on a normative ideal of sexual behavior as a prerequisite for proper consciousness. Basically, the idea that women with a “correct political consciousness” MUST choose lesbianism or they are betraying the ideals of the movement is just another form of sexist bullshit. Its telling (cis) women that they don’t know their own minds unless they fuck in a specific way. That shit is sexist. Its like slut shaming dressed in feminist jargon.

If you use your choice to be queer as a way of pressuring other people to follow your lead, you are also edging on predatory if not outright jumping over that line.

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Dear Cis Rad-fems,

reblogging with added names, some from the reblogs, some from research and some from recent events.


Just an eta note - @cjrock on Twitter let me know that Deoni Jones’ (TW) name was misstated in the original post - I’ve corrected it.



(content notice: partial list of the dead included)

Every one lost is your responsibility.

Every life we lose due to racism and cissexism will sit in your heart like a stone.

Every light that goes out will leave a hole in your spirit.

Every drop of blood will be on your hands.

Every lost year, every wasted potential, every single one hangs above your head like a perpetual storm cloud.

Until the day you stop advocating that trans* people disappear, and start seeing them as human beings deserving of compassion and basic fucking humanity, until the day you start acknowledging how your precious advances were created through abusing the bodies of women of color, cis and trans*

The spirits of the dead, abused and dying will haunt you, your movement and your legacy.

We will etch their names into your monuments, and their faces onto your words. Its the least they deserve, with those monuments and words being built on their bones. We will not bear the burden of their memories alone, because the responsibility for their absence is yours.

Agnes Torres Sulca, 28

Deoni Jones, 23

Ramazan Cetin, 24

Monchi de Jesús Crisóstomo de León,

Victoria Carmen White, 28

Dee Green, 25 


“Jorge Steven” López Mercado

Destiny Lauren, 29

Tyli A Nana Boo Mack, 21

Avery Elzy, 34 (and her boyfriend, Michael Hunt, 22)

LaTeisha Green

Angie Zapata, 18

Felicia Melton-Smyth, 41

Duanna Johnson, 40

Lawrence King, 15

Sanesha Stewart, 25

Dana Larkin, 25

Erika Keels, 20

Ruby Ordenana

Roberto González Onrubia

Phool Chand Yadav

Nirea Johnson

Bella Evangelista, 25

Emonie Spaulding, 25

Gwen Araujo, 17

Fred Martinez, Jr, 16

Rita Hester

Robyn Brown, 23

Brandon Teena, 21

Venus Xtravaganza

Didem, 26

Tyra Trent, 25

Marcal Camero Tye, 25

Lashai Mclean, 23

Camila Guzman, 38

Stacey Blahnik Lee, 31

Shelley Hilliard, 19

Idania Roberta Sevilla Raudales, 58

Luisa Alvarado Hernández, 23

Lady Óscar Martínez Salgado, 43

Reana ‘Cheo’ Bustamente

Génesis Briget Makaligton, 25?

Krissy Bates, 45

Fergie Alice Ferg

Priscila Brandão, 22

Shakira Harahap, 28

Miss Nate Nate (or Née) Eugene Davis, 44


Jessica Rollon, 32

Gaurav Gopalan, 35

Astrid Carolina López Cruz, 30

Chassity Nathan Vickers, 32

Coco Williams, 35

Paige Clay, 23

Mark Aguhar

Brandy Martell, 37

Lorena Escalera, 25

(more Jane Does than there is space for)

Know that there are thousands more, enough names to obscure every word that you ever generate about who is or is not a woman and what choices they should make. This list is not exhaustive, and does not even begin to compile the deaths by suicide, medical negligence, medical experimentation and extreme poverty for which you and your heroes are directly responsible.

You get to say “I didn’t know” once. This is your chance. You have been informed.

Beat us down all you wish. Lie about us if it makes you happy. We exist, and your actions will be seen.

I’d like us all to note all the WoC, and particularly how many of those are Latina, Philipina, Hispanic, or of Portuguese, Latin, or Spanish decent. And it’s worth noting how many of these murders happened in Latin America.

My heart breaks for my sisters who weren’t as lucky as I was. My heart breaks for my sisters who didn’t wake up in a hospital, who didn’t have that luxury or affordance.


Stacey Blahnik Lee, 31 years old and a leader of the community of trans women of color in Philadelphia, was strangled to death with a pillowcase in her own home in the Point Breeze neighborhood adjoining Center City, during broad daylight on October 11, 2010. Her body was found by her boyfriend when he returned home from work. A large, bald white man was seen leaving her apartment the day she was killed. To my knowledge, no arrest has been made in this case. This came just on the heels of the murder of Victoria Carmen White in North Jersey and the suicide of Tyler Clementi, a white gay male. National attention focused on Clementi’s suicide. Not a mention was made of the two murders of trans women of color.


Jane Doe (considered John Doe #8), New York. A victim of a serial killer on Long Island was found. The media described this person as “an Asian man in a dress.” All of the victims so far are said to have been linked to prostitution. Thirteen sets of remains have been found since  2010. No arrests have been made, but it is believed that the killer was/is involved in law enforcement.

Bringing this back around for thetranstruth.

This is your chance.

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Fierce…Flawless…: radscumblr: Fierce…Flawless…: radscumblr: life spirit.: Radical…


Fierce…Flawless…: radscumblr: life spirit.: Radical feminism and biological…


life spirit.: Radical feminism and biological determinism






I don’t get…


Gender IDENTITY is different from gender ROLES.

I’ll say that again, in case you weren’t listening: GENDER IDENTITY IS DIFFERENT THAN GENDER ROLES.

Gender roles are social constructs that vary from culture to culture over time. Gender identity is something you find across human cultures. The ways of expressing it vary, who gets categorized where vary, but the concept of gender identity is there regardless. For your edification, that’s why gender identity fits the academic standards as an inherent human quality, as opposed to gender ROLES, which shift according to culture and the mores of the time.

You are the one mixing them up, so check yourself and your facts before suggesting that someone else is “failing” to logic.If you can’t distinguish between the two, that is your failing, not the trans* community’s.

You can’t or won’t acknowledge that you are creating a straw trans* person for all of your hateful, and fucking deadly arguments. Because I have yet to see a single trans* person in these discussions arguing for any kind of reified gender roles. (And maybe could we derail for a minute to show how trans* people in the US were forced to fit specific gender roles in order to receive treatment almost directly because of Janice Raymond? radical feminists created this situation for trans* people and now you want to point to it as if it proves something? LOGIC FAIL.)

Intersex people (Intersex is not a noun, stop being an asshole) are relevant because they blow your bullshit biological essentialism all to hell. Their existence and you refusal to acknowledge that they are people really shows exactly what kind of bigoted, low information person you are.

You can’t say that the only real thing in this conversation is biological sex and then act like there isn’t a huge variation in human sex and human secondary sexual characteristic without your actions shredding your argument. Those categories are not black and white, one or the other, even for non-intersex people.

You trying to erase them from relevance in this conversation is like a creationist trying to ignore the fossil record while arguing that evolution is fake.

If your theory does not adequately explain reality, the flaw is in your theory, not reality.

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(content notice: mention of violent death)


The Village Voice asks “Who started the Stonewall Riots?”


In 1969, the Stonewall riots—precipitated when cops burst into the famed gay bar and started being their usually abusive selves—defined the modern gay movement.

Well, every eldergay on earth claims to have not only been there, but to have started the riot—even more people than claim to have seen the original Carrie musical.

But a documentary about “the Saint of Christopher Street,” transsexual legend Marsha P. Johnson, has uncovered some interesting info.

Director Michael Kasino interviewed Stonewall author David Carter for the documentary, and here’s what Carter said:

“When Jerry Hoost, who was a cofounder of the Gay Liberation Front, got to the Stonewall Inn on the evening of the uprising, John Goodman told him that Jackie Hormona was the one who started the riot, and that soon after, Marsha Johnson andZasou Nova quickly joined in. ”Later, Marty Robinson, and later Morty Manford told Robin Souza, who was one of the founders of the Gay Activists Alliance, that Marsha Johnson was involved in starting the riots.”The story that Robin Souza told me, that Morty Manford told him, was that Marsha Johnson said: ‘I got my civil rights!’ and then Marsha threw a shot glass into a mirror. And that’s what started all the riots.

“This was later know as the ‘shot glass’ heard round the world.”So I think when you look at the mythology, with the few known facts that withstand scrutiny, I do not think that there is any doubt that she was there the first night. And I think if we had to conclude, in all probability, that she was probably among the first to resist the police in a physical way.”

Want to know more about Marsha? Then you might want to help kickstart the movie. Here’s how. By the way, yes, I’m in it. But I didn’t start Stonewall!

Marsha P. Johnson is an American hero. I’d love for her to finally get the recognition she deserves. 

Dear every single queer person (that includes any lesbian identifying radscum [like Cathy Brennan,] and people like teamwesnatchwigs,) who want to be nasty assholes to trans* folk:

A trans woman of color started your precious fucking stonewall riot.



A trans woman of color who was found dead, her body floating in the Hudson river, with no attempt at investigation by the police.

If you think that any trans woman owes you anything, even if its just shutting up and going away, you better be prepared to kiss not just my ass, but the ass of the entire community. Be prepared for some extra kissing for the trans women of color.

Because your entire movement exists because of a trans woman of color. And your movements at best ignore and exclude them, at worst work actively to make sure they die and are forgotten.

Who wants special rights now, assholes?

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[Image description: Background is 6 piece pie style color split with black and yellow alternating. Foreground is a picture of a blue mutant scorpion. Top text reads “Want to get married and have kids?”. Bottom text reads “You’re holding back the cause”. End description.]
Submitted by lookoutsideyourself.

BUT! You have to theoretically have been able to have those children to be let in to our super-special-seeeeeeekrit club that is “femaleness” otherwise you are a bad evil person trying to destroy us by existing and shit!
which, coincidentally, is the base of many anti-same-sex-marriage arguments.Nice company the radfems keep.


[Image description: Background is 6 piece pie style color split with black and yellow alternating. Foreground is a picture of a blue mutant scorpion. Top text reads “Want to get married and have kids?”. Bottom text reads “You’re holding back the cause”. End description.]

Submitted by lookoutsideyourself.

BUT! You have to theoretically have been able to have those children to be let in to our super-special-seeeeeeekrit club that is “femaleness” otherwise you are a bad evil person trying to destroy us by existing and shit!

which, coincidentally, is the base of many anti-same-sex-marriage arguments.
Nice company the radfems keep.

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no excuse for ignorance.


Just because you don’t know anything about feminist history and how feminism, particularly the first and second wave was sparked and inspired by the organizing of women of color does not give you a right to dump on me.  Open a book and stop getting your shitty cliche opinions from tumblr.  Erasing women of color from feminist history is…RACIST. 

You’d come across as far more sincere if you were an informed hater.

Proud to be a first waver. 

Which women of color? evidence or GTFO.

because using concepts appropriated from Native women at Seneca Falls does not count as “participation” of women of color.

How about this?

The old antislavery school says that women must stand back, that they must wait until male Negroes are voters. But we say, if you will not give the whole loaf of justice to an entire people, give it to the most intelligent first. If intelligence, justice, and morality are to be placed in the government, then let the question of woman be brought up first and that of the Negro last.

Susan B. Anthony, perhaps the most famous first-wave feminist, in a letter to Frederick Fucking Douglas.

Or maybe we can discuss Margaret Sanger’s eugenicist beliefs? Sure, you could make an argument for Sojourner Truth and Ida B. Wells as part of the movement, but then we get to the Willard controversy and WHOOPSIE!

(and just in case you thought this was just “tumblr info” you can read about the Willard controversy here:

Giddings, P.J. (2008). Ida A Sword Among Lions, New York: Harper Collins Publisher.)

ETA: this doesn’t even begin to cover how hormonal birth control was fucking tested on the bodies of women of color without their consent.

So back your shit up or sit down. Because you’re right. There is no excuse for the level of ignorance you are displaying right now.

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break their spirits?

“I figured out how to help radfems become real empathetic human beings.
You have to call them out on their shit.
You need at least 15 people constantly doing…

I have been reading through just some of this and I’m fucking shaking. as a warning, if you haven’t seen any of this and click through, there is some awful, cissexist shit being said. Additional warning, for discussion of murders in my post.

bugbrennan: You can’t have it both ways. You are clinging to this concept of vagina=female, penis=male and projecting it to mean vagina=woman and penis=men. Guess what? Biology disagrees with you, on both counts. And this is not some bullshit psuedoscience like evolutionary psychology. While humans tend to biologically present a series of secondary sexual characteristics that can be loosely organized into a dimorphic system, the true nature of the processes that create those characteristics are much more complex and varied. Intersex people of various degrees do exist, as does enormous variation in bodies that don’t technically fall into the intersex label.

More importantly, who died and made you the ultimate dictator of “male” and “female?” Do you honestly not see that you are reifying a non-universal, cultural and socially constructed concept?

Dear all other radfems on this thread, when your arguments for what constitutes a woman or a man is most closely matched by oppressive religious institutions and anti-feminists, you are officially presiding over the death of your movement.

YOU are destroying feminism. YOU are holding the movement back. And that is the worst case outcome for you. The outcome for trans people? Sterilization, losing their homes, jobs and children, and in many cases their lives. If you want to be part of the system that is responsible for those deaths, that is your prerogative. We also have the right to put those words THAT YOU SIGNED out there where the world can see it and call it what it is.

Your feelings may be hurt, but these people are DYING.

Let me say that again, in case you weren’t paying attention: the ideas you are perpetuating ARE THE SAME ONES USED TO JUSTIFY MURDERS. REGULAR HORRIBLE MURDERS. Murders like that of Agnes Torres, Angie Zapata, LaTeisha Green, Avery Elzy,Duanna Johnson, Sanesha Stewart, Erika Keels, Ruby Ordenana, Destiny Lauren, Dee Green and many, many others. Of the cases where their murderers are known, they are almost overwhelmingly cis men, the same men you feel threatened by. In most of these cases, it is known by investigators that these women were killed due to their trans status. In at least one of them, the police refused to even charge the perpetrator despite witnesses watching him run over the victim repeatedly with his car. If you want to be a party to the on going death of trans women, particularly trans women of color, you are welcome to do so. But do not expect silent acceptance from us about the EXACT nature of your behavior.

Political movements as an expression of political power must change or they become self-referential, self-justifying and corrupt. This is your chance to not be a part of that. To change your movement so it doesn’t contribute to the very system you claim to oppose. Its up to you to take that chance.

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…So no, I am not Troy Davis. I am not a slut. I am not an occupier of Wall Street or any street. The fights are my fights, but the current methods and analyses are not mine. I cannot sit by and listen to people debate the efficacy of the death penalty without understanding that it is the larger complex of incarceration and the “elementary-to-penitentiary” path that tracks and traps Black and Latino youth by design. I am done with the handwringing and “white lady tears” of so many white women who keep defending racist approaches and actions and, at times, respond with violence when confronted and challenged. Such behavior only reinforces the fact that these movement spaces as they are currently defined are not safe…”
~ Stephanie Gilmore, from “Am I Troy Davis? A Slut?; or, What’s Troubling Me about the Absence of Reflexivity in Movements that Proclaim Solidarity” ~


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Abortion? You’re too fat to have one.

“The receptionist started asking me her battery of questions. After about ten questions about things like how far along I was etc, she asked me my height. Alarm bells immediately started ringing and I felt sick to the stomach. Surely this wasn’t heading where I thought it was? Unfortunately, it was headed exactly there. Her next question was about my weight. I was honest, I told her my weight was 250lb. She went quiet and I started to shake. She then told me that my BMI was 41 and that the anaethetist at the clinic would only administer anaesthetic to women with BMIs of 40 and under.”

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