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A selection of my current patches. all are hand sewn, on a backing of black wool. Materials include wool, cotton, poly and silk. I also have a Dyke patch and a Trans* patch that I will post pics of tomorrow.
Message me if you want to order one :) Any ideas for possible patches or special orders are welcome too :D

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Abortion? You’re too fat to have one.

“The receptionist started asking me her battery of questions. After about ten questions about things like how far along I was etc, she asked me my height. Alarm bells immediately started ringing and I felt sick to the stomach. Surely this wasn’t heading where I thought it was? Unfortunately, it was headed exactly there. Her next question was about my weight. I was honest, I told her my weight was 250lb. She went quiet and I started to shake. She then told me that my BMI was 41 and that the anaethetist at the clinic would only administer anaesthetic to women with BMIs of 40 and under.”

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