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Oh Cathy…you’re quoting yourself as proof of harm done but have yet to provide a single actual example.You may have a law degree, but that seems to mean jack squat here since you have yet to actually provide proof of any of your claims. Events, some actual harm that was done, not hearsay. You’d think with that law degree, you’d know how to do that.

As if that degree proves anything. I’ve known rocket scientists who can’t change the toner in a copier, neurologists that can’t make change, and people with law degrees who didn’t realize that ballerinas wear special shoes to dance on their toes. You can wave that thing around like it means something, but the fact of the matter here is that you have yet to provide a shred of proof, have engaged in ridiculous gotcha games that would shame a kindergartener in their obtuseness, and have projected your behavior on everyone around you. You are toxic, and you are frankly, not even as bright as the right wing politicians that use you to advance conservative agendas.

And who started the name calling when confronted with information they couldn’t resolve?  I provided you with access to at least three scholarly sources that discuss the existence of genders outside of the male-female dichotomy and you started insulting me. Unless you are going to suggest that sociological research done at the university level is suddenly illegitimate information and name calling. I told you the results of your actions, and that makes me nasty? Duly noted. I only lose it when abused, and you, Cathy, are abusive.

So, this sticking your head in the sand thing…is that how you sleep at night after you teamed up with politicians who are diametrically opposed to your rights as a lesbian and a woman and used rape victims as a tool to criminalize trans* women? Or maybe how you justify prioritizing arguing for stripping gender identity as a protected status when the US still hasn’t ratified CEDAW?Do you even have priorities that aren’t centered around hurting someone?

Its funny, you bring up the spectre of rape when asked to examine your biases, yet tell me that you have a right to ignore my “no” regarding this engagement. You harass and attempt to intimidate people who are giving you the chance to learn and grow as a person. I sincerely feel for anyone who is close to you, as this kind of toxic behavior is rarely limited to one area of someone’s life.

Why do you act like and sound like an MRA?

Why do you hate women?

And why do you think that no one realizes that you have three different accounts here? You didn’t invent sock puppeting, Cathy.

I was upset earlier, now I’m actually amused. How ignorant do you think we are? (by the way, that’s rhetorical. Don’t know if you knew what that might be, what with that law degree of yours) You are right about one thing. You don’t need an education from me, what you need is your money for that degree back. Its clearly doing you zero favors.

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