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You know what’s disgusting that I see alot of now a days?








Homeless mothers begging for money with their children. Like ok, you wanna ask people for money? Cool. But please don’t bring your child, you would never get sympathy from me for that. That’s so degrading, keep that shit away from me, I’m too positive for that.

ok but a good mother would never leave her children unattended. where is there a safe place to leave her kids at? i understand what youre getting at but come on now. most homeless mothers have ran away from their abusive husbands/have no family/etc. their children are going to be with them no matter the situation.

I feel you, but there’s always something person can do. There are cheap day cares that people can pay for with a public assistance check. There’s always another option.

lol wow what part of HOMELESS dont u understand 

i am crying/laughing

woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow doe

Wait. How are you this heartless and basic at the same time????  She’s homeless and doesn’t have enough money for FOOD AND SHELTER, but you want her to PAY to leave her kids somewhere so your stingy, evil self don’t have to look at em?  Do I have that right? #iCant.

first off, I wanna know where this cheap daycare exists, cause all I know about are daycares that run on subsidies that require A LEGAL ADDRESS AND A JOB to access. Just like public assistance.

If you don’t want to see the reality of homeless mom’s with their children, then stay the fuck home, you horrible excuse for a human being.

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    Or leave them alone on the streets….
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    That situation is disgusting not because the mothers have their children with them, but because our society allows...
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    For Commentary. Can we talk about capitalism making something like “homelessness” a legit thing?
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    what the actual fuck did i just read
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    first off, I wanna know where this cheap daycare exists, cause all I know about are daycares that run on subsidies that...
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    Did I really just read this idiocy Did someone say that and they weren’t biting on Johnathan Swift What even the fuck....
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    Man, sitcho ass down…WTH are you talking about? “I’m too positive for that.” Naw, you can’t be serious…
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    You know, judging mothers is always a touchy subject for me since society seems to relish finding a way to shame a woman...
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    ^exactly! wtf? okay, sorry that in the real world homeless women cant afford child care
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    Yep. And I DON’T understand what the OP is getting at. At all. Apart from the fact they’re an asshole.
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    yes. seriously. do you know who is most burdened with poverty? women (specifically women of colour). do you know what...
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    "Cheap childcare" is a myth, a legend, and even if you DO manage to get some kind of welfare/assistance, it STILL costs...
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    That muthafuckah said….CHEAP CHILDCARE.
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    As much as I love tumblr it’s things like this that make me lose the little faith I have in humanity.
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