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Johan, want to take this Celtic prince for a ride? I can’t because I’m crying because I’m laughing so hard.

Pagan cultures.

Wah, fuckin, wah.

Oh. My. Sweet. Mother. of. Jesus.


You wanna talk cultural appropriation? Look at…

My original point was not about the Irish appropriating from the Scots or vice versa. My point was that cultural appropriation is not a bad thing. And while William Wallace may have been depicted greater than he was, that law was real, and it really happened. My original point still stands….cultural appropriation is not the issue, racism is. Stereotypes feed racism. Cultural appropriation does not.

And to that one guy, yes dreads are the natural state of all hair types. If you stop brushing your hair and treating it with products (such as shampoo with residue, and conditioner) your hair WILL dread. That’s what it NATURALLY does.

You are mistaking sharing with theft. When there is a power imbalance cultural appropriation by the more privileged party is wrong. It is not complimentary. It says to the less privileged party that the more privileged party can do what they like with impunity.

More privileged groups have and continue to oppress less privileged groups and appropriate aspects of their cultures in offensive ways that are not for outsiders to do. You can’t take what you want without asking.

I’m not going to touch dreads on white people. That’s been addressed a million times over and I’m not interesting in beating a dead horse.

I can’t tell anyone what to do. I can tell you that you are being an asshole by inserting yourself where you have not been invited.

As a white person or at least someone with passing privilege as a white person and someone who is ostensibly cis you have privilege over the cultures you are appropriating from.

In summation: don’t take things that aren’t yours and are not being given to you and then say that you have a perfect right to do so.

I’d also like to add for rafiki-town’s benefit: Please stop confusing matting with dread locs. Matting is what happens when you stop brushing, washing and otherwise manipulating your hair for some hair types, not locs. You aren’t helping you case by not recognizing the difference.

ETA: the music autoplaying on your page is really annoying.

It turns into dread locks after a while. I know my shit about dreads, okay? It’s called the neglect method, and eventually they do lock up, and turn into beautiful dreads. THEY BECOME DREADS. It just takes longer.

This guys dreads are perfect proof that hair naturally dreads, all on its own:

Also, if you don’t like it, then don’t go to my blog. kthxbye (:

Just giving you friendly tips in case you ever wanted to NOT be an asshole. Though clearly you feel entitled to take things that aren’t yours, and justify doing so by telling the people you stole from that you are entitled to their things and that you don’t care about what it does to them.

And as far as the music, well…that’s not just a kinda poor design choice, but it can make you blog difficult to access for people with certain disabilities. So, way to go you!

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