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Welcome to Tumblr, where you can fit in and be accepted

unless you’re white

or white and straight

or white and straight and feel comfortable in your birth gender


Welcome to Tumblr, where the soft-minded get valuable education and pay for it in tears.

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i just want to remind everyone that dan savage counts straight cis people who are into leather and bondage as part of the queer umbrella but thinks including asexuals is just too much

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I should check my work email. I don’t want to, because for some reason I’m convinced that I’m going to be in trouble for calling out, even though i know that wouldn’t happen with this job.

I’m also convinced that when i’m gone they will find something that I majorly fucked up on (though i can’t think of anything that might actually be) and they will decide that i’m not worth having around.

idk, I have some really fucked up issues with regards to work places which are probably the combined result of years of shitty jobs and of the fallout from being laid off three years ago.

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i don’t trust people who are super into “proper grammar” and “correct punctuation” because what lies just beyond that smug superiority is some sinister classism that gets acutely racist in a red hot minute, so for similar reasons I’m instantly wary of anyone who takes great pride in their love of “logic” and “intellect” 

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Anonymous asked: That's nice but what you're advocating is complete negligence as a form of parenting. My son doesn't want to take a bath because he doesn't like, but as a parent I know best. My son doesn't like vegetables but as a parent I again know best and make sure he eats healthily. My son finds school boring ect. if my son was being stalked I would of course want to know so I could do something about it, I wouldn't leave it to him to sort out himself. Grow up and take some responsibility.


And this, folks is one place where we can see just how deeply embedded in our culture notions of authority, autonomy, consent and who deserves to be given any of those things goes.

we start training kids from the beginning that they cannot ever be trusted to define their own experiences. not that they need a bath for a reason, but because ‘I know better than you.” we teach them early that their bodies are not theirs and that their boundaries don’t matter in the face of authority, and then we shake our heads in wonder at how kids replicate these ideas, or how adults trained this way manage to treat other people as though their boundaries don’t matter.

so anon, fuck you. fuck you for suggesting that it is “responsible” to teach children that their bodies are not their own, that grownups are the only ones who know what is good, that autonomy is something you get when you can take away someone else’s. 

If someone did this to my child, yes, I would want to do something about it. That thing would NOT be doing something that hurt my child further because what matters in that situation is hir safety, not just from the predator, but from people like you who would rather see hir harmed by a system that is not designed to help hir because you desperately want it to work. A child who has been assaulted does not exist to confirm your trust in a system of justices that fails. Your fear is your problem. That you feel comfortable advocating the further harm of this child is fucking terrifying.

as I said, you are a literal peice of shit and need to get the fuck out of my ask box.

I’m still reeling over this. 

like, the very possibility that respecting your child’s autonomy equals negligent parenting is just so, so poisonous. never mind the actual outcome, if you don’t make the right decisions on how to handle a given situation, you are a bad parent. I mean Jesus, its not like that standard isn’t weaponized against huge swathes of people who are already marginalized.